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Mmb that you docthas pscibd this mdication bcaus h sh has judgd that th bnit tyou is gat than th isk sid cts. Many popl using this mdication dnot hav sious sid cts.

Som napoxn poducts contain salt (sodium). Tll you docti you a on a salt-stictd dit.

Low d blood clls (anmia) – pal skin, ling light-hadd shot bath, apid hat at, toubl concntating; o.

This mdicin may caus stomach blding. Daily us alcohol and tobacco, spcially whn combind with this mdicin, may incas you isk stomach blding. Limit alcohol and stop smoking. Consult you doctphamacist minomation.

NSAIDs caus an incasd isk sious, vn atal, stomach and intstinal advs actions such as blding, ulcs, and poation th stomach intstins. Ths vnts can occu at any tim duing tatmnt and without waning symptoms. ldly patints a at gat isk ths typs actions.

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