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Copegus is indicated in combination with other medicinal products, for the treatment of chronic hepatitis c chc .

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Hep C treatment can cure a person from Hep CHoweverbeing cured of Hep C does not protect you from being reinfected in the future.

Hep C treatment can cure a person from Hep CHoweverbeing cured of Hep C does not protect you from being reinfected in the future.

The generic ingredient in COPEGUS is ribavirinThere are fifteen drug master file entries for this compoundThirteen suppliers are listed for this compoundAdditional details are available on the ribavirin profile page.

Ribavirin may weaken the activity of the anti-blood-clotting drug warfarinCoumadin

A cure for Hep C is also known as a sustained virological responseSVRThis is when the hepatitis C virus is no longer detected in the blood 12 or 24 weeks after treatment ends.

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